Published on
September 7, 2021
Frankie Tommy

Are you unsure whether to choose fresh or frozen?

Well, here’s a little info on why you should choose frozen.

Fresh food has chance to ripen naturally. When ripe it is as nutrient packed as it can be BUT after just 48 hours reduction in moisture and nutrient values begin to occur.

Fresh food can be kept at its peak nutritional value for only a short period of time, even when kept refrigerated.

Food spoilage can effect nutrient value, taste and texture after just 18 hours when not kept in ideal storage conditions.

Frozen food is harvested at peak ripeness and then flash frozen to retain those vital vitamins and minerals.

Freezing food suspends microbial and fungal activity within the products.

Frozen food provides convenience due to the potential three months freezer life.

Choosing frozen over fresh reduces waste and expense.

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