Published on
September 7, 2021
Frankie Tommy

The Myth Behind Targeting Fat Loss!

So here it is!

One of the most common misconceptions about fat loss explained!


In simple terms, fat is not a living tissue like bones and muscle. Fat is a fuel that is stored to keep us warm and to be used when our primary source of fuel (carbohydrates) are depleted.


We cannot choose where we store fat and we cannot choose where we lose it from. So, yes unfortunately we have to just stay strong and stick to our calorie deficit, stay active and hope that it comes off of where we want it to. Sorry ladies, your boobs are usually one the places that will reduce first.


Everybody is different! Some people hold fat in different places. Men tend to hold it around their lower back and hamstrings, whereas women tend to hold it around their hips and bum.

The myth is that training these areas will help burn fat around this area but that’s not the case.

You will achieve muscular development of these areas but fat loss cannot be locally targeted unless external factors come into play i.e. topical creams, liposuction.

Wouldn’t you rather work for it and earn your physique the proper way than have someone stick a huge needle in you and suck it out, leaving you with mass amounts of loose skin.


I’m not saying completely stop the exercise you do to target a certain muscle group as these exercises still play an important role in burning calories, firming the skin and increasing or decreasing muscle mass (depending on your diet/goals etc).


So remember, stick to your diet and remain in calorie deficit and it will come off eventually. You can do as many sit ups as you like but if you’re not in a calorie deficit, you simply won’t be able to see them. The age old saying ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ is not just a saying.

It’s probably the realest thing about dieting!

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